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Metro News: “Vancouver General Hospital to buy new robot to help with surgeries”

VANCOUVER, B.C. – “Surgeons at Vancouver General Hospital will soon have the assistance of a new robot thanks to a $1 million donation from Hollyburn Properties and the Sander family.

Vancouver Coastal Health plans to buy a new robot that includes a controller, console, 3D camera, and four robotical arms. One arm is responsible for moving the camera around and the others hold surgical instruments. Surgeons control their use with the console, which responds to both hand and foot movement.

Robotic technology in the surgery room benefits patients by minimizing the invasiveness of operations.

“Patients experience less pain and require less pain medication, and are generally able to recover faster,” said Dr. Peter Black, senior research scientist at the Vancouver Prostate Centre.”

Read the full article by Wanyi Lee in Metro Vancouver here.

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