Hollyburn provides access to rental accommodations regardless of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, family status, marital status, physical or mental disability, gender, sexual orientation, or class of a person(s). Collectively, our team speaks over a dozen different languages to assist you as best as we can.

Hollyburn is committed to providing services that respect the dignity and independence of all persons, ensuring that everyone has equal access to people, places and opportunities. Information on this website is available in alternative formats upon request. Please contact us for accommodation requests or more information.

Hollyburn residents are not permitted to operate their suite, parking spot, or other elements of their accommodations as a short term rental, such as applications like AirBnB or OpenSpot offer. This is in accordance with their Residential Tenancy Agreement, to ensure the security of the premises and the comfort of their fellow residents. Failure to comply will result in an official Notice to End Tenancy.

Ending Your Tenancy
As per the terms of your Residential Tenancy Agreement, you are required to provide your Resident Manager advanced notice in writing before moving out. The amount of advance notice you are required to provide varies by province:

Vancouver, BC: You must provide notice one full month’s notice before the date of your move-out, submitted before the first day of that one full month notice period (before the day your rent is due).

Calgary, AB: You must provide notice one month before the date of your move-out, submitted on or before the first day of that one month notice period.

Toronto & Ottawa, ON: You must provide notice two months before the date of your move-out, submitted on or before the first day of that two month notice period.

Ask your Resident Manager for a “Notice to Vacate” form. Don’t forget to return your keys and clean your suite as per the Suite Cleaning Checklist to avoid incurring any additional charges.

All residents have a right to the reasonable enjoyment of their suite, and are obligated to respect this right concerning their neighbours at all times.

Online Scams
Be aware of scams and fraudulent listings on online search tools such as Craigslist and Kijiji. Hollyburn Properties does list apartment vacancies on third party websites, however we follow a streamlined Rental Process that allows you to rent an apartment online securely. We will not ask for personal or financial information until an official application is being completed. Visit our Rental Process page for more details. If you are concerned that a listing may be fraudulent, please contact us immediately.

Pet Friendly Apartments for Rent
Hollyburn strives to support pet owners and non-pet owners alike. We currently have two buildings with pet friendly apartments for rent in Vancouver, allowing either cats or dogs:

All properties in Ontario allow pets as per the Residential Tenancies Act. Please contact the on-site Resident Manager for more information on Hollyburn’s pet policy.

Responsibilities & Repairs
It is your responsibility as a resident to resolve issues that occur from your regular use of the suite; for example, residents are responsible for plunging their own toilet and purchasing new light bulbs. However, please immediately let your Resident Manager know if you experience a problem related to the accommodations we provide. Irregular issues such as a broken appliance, leaky pipe, or the need for pest control are our responsibility. A Maintenance Request Form must be submitted so that we may properly track and address all repairs.

In an effort to improve the overall health and safety of our rental communities, Hollyburn is proud to announce that as of January 1st, 2017, all new tenancy agreements signed across the country are strictly smoke-free. This means that no smoking is permitted within Hollyburn suites or on building premises. That said, all residents are strongly encouraged to respect the new no-smoking rules.

Tenant Insurance
As per the Residential Tenancy Agreement, Hollyburn requests that all its residents have tenant insurance. Tenant insurance can cost as little as $20/month, and provides you with coverage for the loss of personal items in your suite, storage locker, bicycle storage room, or even on your person. It also provides you with liability coverage should you accidentally cause damage to your suite or to the building (eg. leaving a pot on the stove or water running).

For your convenience Hollyburn is partnered with Western Coast Insurance, offering an exclusive rate to our residents in Vancouver and Calgary, with a discount of at least 35%.

Waste Management
Residents are expected to comply with their city’s garbage and recycling policies. Be sure to separate all glass, plastics, containers, and newspaper/cardboard in the appropriate recycling bins. Check out these city-specific guides for what can be recycled in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa!

Our Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa residents and businesses are also required to separate organics (food scraps, paper towels, clean wood) from regular garbage. Hollyburn’s Organics Composting Program will help divert thousands of pounds of organic material from our local landfills. We are able to equip most of our residents with a convenient, dishwasher-safe counter-top container to separate their compostable items. Organic waste can be separately disposed of in black and green compost bins located at each building’s garbage and recycling area.

The above may not be a comprehensive list of Hollyburn’s policies and is subject to change without notice. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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