Toronto Apartment Rentals

1 Downtown Toronto City Overview

Downtown Toronto Apartment Rentals

Rent an apartment in Downtown Toronto A.K.A Canada’s version of the city that never sleeps. Shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural attractions make renting in Downtown Toronto lively and exciting. Discover 800+ apartment rentals in the heart of Downtown Toronto.
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1 Etobicoke City Overview

Etobicoke Apartment Rentals

Etobicoke is a growing neighbourhod in transformation. Rent an apartment in Etobicoke and find a sense of community with lakefront parks, scenic trails, schools, and easy access to Downtown Toronto via the TTC. Choose from 150+ apartment rentals in the area (+ more in development at 60 Central Park).
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1 The Annex City Overview

The Annex Apartment Rentals

The Annex is a trendy, student-friendly neighbourhood that borders Downtown Toronto. Beautiful Victorian homes, fraternity and faculty housing, rental apartment buildings, and the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus create a fun and thriving community. Central. Convenient. Connected. Find an apartment in The Annex today! …
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