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Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Cleaning Tasks for Busy People

We get it, everyone’s busy and cleaning isn’t fun…but did you know that a clean home promotes peaceful living, and a messy one can actually cause unnecessary extra stress?

To accommodate a busy schedule, you can reduce the frequency of some tasks to weekly, monthly and even annually without compromising too much time or clean living, so you can live happy and healthy.

Weekly Cleaning

The key to staying on top of your weekly housekeeping is to pick a schedule that works for you…and sticking with it! Whether that means doing small amounts on the daily or dedicating a few hours once a week to tackling that looming pile.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks:

  • Fridge Inventory: Probe through the depths of your fridge once a week to help stay on top of food waste (and foul smells!) Tip: pay special attention to what’s going on in the veggie crisper – ever heard the expression “the crisper is where vegetables go to die?” Yeah, it’s a real thing. ????This is a great habit to get into before you head to the grocery store and could save you some $$$ too!


  • Kitchen Refresh: It’s important to keep your kitchen clean to prevent caked-on mess and smells from developing. To do this, thoroughly scrub your stove top, microwave interior, sink each week. Tip: Don’t forget the inside of your toaster, too! Remove food scraps and crumbs to avoid burnt toast.


  • Towel Change: Wash and replace used hand towels, bath towels, tea towels and cleaning cloths.


  • Sparkling Floors: Vacuum and clean floors once a week, especially if you have pets, small children or like to leave your windows open. Tip: HEPA vacuums are better at filtering allergens. When you mop hard surfaces, spray a floor cleaner directly onto your microfiber mop head or the floor instead of using a bucket with water – not only is this more water efficient, but it will save drying time too.


  • Toilet Scrub: Nobody likes to clean the bathroom (unless you’re Monica Geller ????), but it’s got to be done! Luckily, you can usually get by with a good toilet scrub once a week in between the big bathroom overhaul, which you’ll find on the monthly schedule.


  • Surface Sweep: Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share! Put away items that have been slowly piling up over the week. Follow this with a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth dampened with natural cleaner or water. Tip: Turn on your favourite tune and make it a dance party to turn this chore into fun!


  • Deconstruct Your Piles: Whether it’s clothes on a chair in the bedroom or a stack of mail: clear your piles weekly to keep them from growing into a stressful mountain of mess.

Monthly Cleaning

Once a month, you should allocate a few extra hours of cleaning to dive deep, scrub hard, and keep your apartment healthy and fresh. We’d recommend the start or end of the month!

Monthly Cleaning Tasks:

  • Appliances: A monthly appliance clean is important for hygiene and appliance performance. Disassemble the microwave plate and roller; wipe inside the fridge (including the door) and scrub the oven. Tip: Don’t forget the small appliances, like the blender and food processor, too!


  • Bathroom: If your shower head is detachable, we recommend giving the walls, door or curtains a quick rinse after each shower to avoid build up. Once a month, it’s important to scrub the inside and outside your shower; wipe all surfaces, including faucets, and wipe mirrors to deep clean your bathroom. Tip: remember to clear the bathroom filter, too!


  • Dust: Once a month you should dust the inconspicuous parts of your home to prevent the build up of dust and allergens. This includes ceiling fans, windowsills, baseboards, shutters and behind window dressings.


  • Vacuum Furniture: Keep your furniture in good condition and smelling fresh by vacuuming upholstered furniture (including between and underneath cushions). No more cushion crumbs!


  • Drains: Cleaning drains monthly can prevent major blockages that later require a plumber. Tip: Go toxin-free! To clear drains naturally, pour some boiling water into the drain then follow with a generous sprinkle of baking soda. Let it settle for a few minutes, then follow with more boiling water and vinegar. Plug the drain for another few minutes to force the solution further down. Rinse one last time with boiling water. Repeat this process until water drains freely.

Annual Cleaning

Yearly cleaning involves thoroughly decluttering items and paying special attention to nooks and crannies that are usually overlooked. Your yearly clean should include all your weekly and monthly tasks (done thoroughly) and the below one-off assignments.

Annual Cleaning Tasks:

  • Declutter: This should be step one when deep cleaning any room as it ensures that the space is tidy enough to allow a comprehensive clean. Before you throw anything away, check to see if it can be repurposed, reused or donated. If you do need to discard items, follow your municipality’s instructions for correct disposal.


  • Air It Out: Take items that are difficult to wash such as area rugs, duvets and throw pillows outside for some fresh air. It’s also a good idea to vacuum area rugs and mattresses and spot clean any marks that you notice while you’re doing this. Tip: If you need to deodorize, sprinkle some baking soda or naturally scouring powder scented with essential oils over the item and let it sit. Vacuum before taking outside.


  • Pantry: Take every item out, wipe inside your pantry thoroughly, then place all the items back in (unless perished or damaged). It’s also a good idea to line shelves or use containers for drippy or messy items like sauces and oils to avoid spillage.


  • Exteriors: Patio season is the perfect excuse to make the effort to clean outdoor areas and balconies. Best of all, a well-deserved Happy Hour is usually waiting for you after this one!


Note: If you’re planning on using the services of a professional cleaning company for spring cleaning or exterior window cleaning, be sure to book ahead to secure an appointment in these busy months.

As the old saying goes, ‘many hands make light work’. If you are lucky enough to have people you can share these tasks with, then do so. If not, then let the professionals stay on top of your cleaning schedule for you! Hollyburn residents receive exclusive 10% off! Check out the deal here.

Guest Blog by: Aspen Clean

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