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Shop the Style: A Tiny Home with a Modern Twist

Inus is a creative space-planner. A.K.A the perfect resident to design and live in this 333 square foot rental apartment…and make it work! His keen eye, methodical approach, and addiction to Wayfair made this tiny apartment not only functional, but beautiful, too.

So, without further ado, Inus welcomes you into his humble abode to share tips on tiny living!

Plan Ahead

Inus’ career as an architect allowed him to digitally outfit his apartment before committing to any furniture pieces. Because of this, he was able to ensure the items would fit the small space, creating a functional home that he loves. Not an architect? Not a problem! Many retailers have branched into the world of virtual reality, making it easy for you to use space planning tools, too! Our team tested out the Roomle app and found it easy-to-use, accurate, and best of all, FREE. IKEA and HOUZZ have similar tools to ensure your purchases will fit your rental as well. Even if you’re not in the market for an apartment makeover, it’s fun to play around with the endless possibilities!

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Be Selective

When decorating his apartment, Inus made sure to select multi-functional, dual-purpose items. He knew he had to maximize the space to get more than just a bedroom out of this studio apartment. Through careful planning and sourcing the right pieces, he created a home that works for him and suits his daily needs. For example, his bed doubles as additional seating when he has visitors, while the entryway console table effortlessly slides in front of his TV to transform it into the perfect workspace. The lightweight dining table is easily picked up and moved onto the balcony for summer dinner parties, and the swivel chair acts as both a desk chair and a lounge chair to complete the living room.

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Decorate with Greenery

Inus uses botanical artwork collected from a local art gallery and plants to bring life into his rental apartment. He loves being able to give his green thumb some practice even in an apartment building. And because of the natural light from his balcony, his plants are thriving here! Adding greenery is a quick, budget-friendly way to introduce a pop of colour into your apartment décor, too. In Inus’ home, the green leaves beautifully contrast with his bright yellow lounge/desk chair to give the space a vibrant feel!

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Impressed with Inus’ use of space and modern décor? Well, now you can shop his style!

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  1. Bedframe – opting for a low-lying, metal bedframe is a wonderful space-saver and adds to the modern aesthetic of Inus’ apartment. Better yet, these bedframes are generally less expensive than traditional, wooden bedframes, typically ranging from $150 to $250. Inus picked his up at Wayfair!
  2. Loveseat – In a studio apartment it can sometimes be a challenge to designate space for both a bedroom and a living room, but Inus made it possible by choosing a contemporary two-seater that pairs nicely with his metal bedframe. The sleek wooden armrests allow it to fit the space easily as they’re less bulky, too. Get a look-a-like version here!
  3. Swivel Chair – Inus has discovered the perfect lounge chair to double as a desk chair with this futuristic yellow Alfredo Swivel Lounge Chair from Wayfair. It offers versatility, comfort and style!
  4. Rug – Rugs are a great way to divide rooms and create the illusion of separate sectioned off spaces in studio apartments. They’re beautiful décor pieces that can tie together the colours and tone of the design as well. BONUS: In apartments for rent, rugs dual as floor protectors and sound barriers on hardwood flooring ???? Check out rugs like Inus’ cool watercolor-inspired runner here.
  5. Lamp – Floor lamps are an easy, practical way to introduce additional lighting without the need for a table or to drill extra holes in the walls (yay!). They’re simple, efficient, and with so many unique designs to choose from, they can really enhance your apartment décor! Inus’ street-style lamp is funky yet modern, and tucks neatly in between his bed and sofa – acting as a natural room divider. Shop the lamp here!

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Okay, who’s ready to go tiny?! If you Shop Inus’ Style, we would love to see it! Show off your functional modern design and tag us using #MyHollyburn on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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