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Renter-Friendly DIY Tips: Kitchen Edition

DIY is often your best friend when you’re renting an apartment. Here are Melissa’s tips for quick and easy Do-It-Yourself projects that won’t break the bank…or anything else! ????

Modernize Your Counter Tops

Contact paper is the ideal renter-friendly solution for changing the look and feel of your kitchen in a pinch. It comes in a plethora of patterns that are almost indistinguishable from the materials they replicate, such as marble or hardwood. It’s easy to apply to most flat surfaces – kitchen countertops, backsplashes, shelving, tables, drawers, you name it! It’s also very affordable, typically ranging from $5-$15 online. The best part? If carefully applied, it will peel up easily without any sticky residue when you’re ready to move out or redecorate.

Ready to take your kitchen to the next level? Learn the step-by-step process here!

Microwave Minibar

If you don’t need a microwave, a unique way to utilize the shelf is to create your very own minibar! The height of the space is ideal to fit most liquor bottles and by adding a few decorative touches, such as a pretty succulent or framed photo, it can dual as a focal point in the kitchen, too! Who needs a trendy bar cart anyways?

Upcycled Glass Bottles

There are endless DIY projects you can do with empty glass bottles – from making vases and planters to candle holders, soap dispensers, and so much more. This DIY is so easy and costs next to nothing; after all, you were going to empty those bottles anyway! Better yet, this DIY can be displayed anywhere in your apartment to add a bit of character to every room. Melissa gives old alcohol bottles a second life by transforming them into beautiful vases for her beloved banana leaf!

Check out Melissa’s full tour!

Watch IGTV for more easy renter’s DIY tips!

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