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A Home Stager’s Guide to Renter-Friendly Storage Hacks

One of the trickiest things for renters can be finding space in an apartment to store everything. Luckily, there are tons of hacks that can help to effortlessly maximize storage and make sure everything fits! Tiffany, Head Stager at Home Reworks shares her best tips for making the most of the storage space in your rental apartment.

Sleep Over Your Storage

Bedrooms with small square footage often don’t have enough room for a dresser. And unless you’ve fully embraced the concept of minimalism, the space in the closet just isn’t going to cut it! Enter: storage beds. These handy inventions maximize your square footage with lots of space for all your off-season clothes, linens, and anything else you want to tuck away. Check out these two great options from Structube and IKEA.


Combine Your Clutter

Do you have lots of knick-knacks and nowhere to put them? Tiffany suggests investing in some cute trays to lessen the look of clutter. Try this simple wooden tray, or more interesting metal one. Use the trays to create collections of your favourite things, such as candles, vases, books, or small plants. Make sure to vary heights and shapes to give it an interesting look!


Add Seating and Storage

This tip kills two birds with one stone as it solves both storage and seating problems! Invest in a raised TV stand and tuck a couple of storage ottomans underneath it. This will keep your apartment looking clean and tidy and will give you more seating options for when you have guests over. The ottomans are perfect for storing extra blanket, bags, or even shoes!

Capitalize on Your Closet Space

Make the most of your closet space with one simple tool – a tension rod. Simply stretch the rod across the bottom of your closet, stack your shoes on top, and voila! An easy, inexpensive DIY solution to the shoes cluttering up the bottom of your closet. Not only will this make your closet neat and organized, it will also increase the amount of shoes you’re able to fit.

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