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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Renting an Apartment

Top questions when renting an apartment

Top questions when renting an apartment

Are you currently searching for an apartment to rent, or have you just found an available rental that you like? There are certainly things you should be mindful of when renting an apartment, but there are also important questions you should be asking as well. Here are the top 5 questions you should consider asking:

Are there any additional costs?

Your budget will play a factor in where you choose to rent. To properly budget, however, it’s essential to know what other costs would be required, other than the rent itself, so they don’t come as surprises later.

For example, would the following be included in your rent or would these be additional costs:

  • Utilities (heating, electricity, water)
  • Apartment maintenance and repairs
  • Telecommunications (internet, cable, phone services)
  • Parking fees
  • Storage fees

What is the policy for amenities?

What does the apartment have to offer? To find a rental that is suited to your needs and wants, and to make the most out of what the building has to offer, it’s important to understand the policies related to the apartment’s amenities.

For instance, does the building offer visitor parking? Is there a gym and, if so, what are the rules related to gym usage? Is there an additional fee for using the residential lounge?

Are pets allowed?

For those who have furry friends – or for those who plan on getting a pet in the future – be sure to ask about the apartment’s pet policy. You want to make sure you’ve found a place where you and your beloved pet (or pets) can live comfortably together.

Of course, pet policies will vary from rental to rental. Some apartments that allow pets may require additional deposits or fees, while others may have restrictions on the breeds or types of animals allowed.

What is the application process?

Has an apartment rental caught your eye? Go ahead and ask about the rental application process. Landlords typically require a background check, credit check, and reference check, as well as other documents discussed below.

This knowledge will help you prepare the appropriate information and paperwork, so your application process will be as smooth as possible – both you and your potential landlord will be glad you prepared!

What documents are required to complete the application?

With your eyes on the (rental) prize, you’ll want all your paperwork ready to go. To complete the application process, the landlord may require the following:

  • Pay stub or bank statements (as proof of income)
  • Employment information
  • Previous rental information (if any)
  • A contact list of references

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