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How to Keep Your Apartment Cool in the Summer

Long days. Vacations. Sun. The beach. What’s not to love?

Despite all its positives, there are some drawbacks to the summer season in Canada. For one, apartments often get hot, making it difficult to relax or sleep. This is especially true if your rental receives direct sunlight, causing the heat to get trapped and accumulate.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, “summer temperatures averaged across the nation have warmed by 1.5°C over the past 70 years.” And with a record-breaking heatwave in BC – that saw temperatures spike to 40+ degrees Celsius in Vancouver – it’s likely this warming trend will continue upwards.

With that, it’s important to keep yourself safe. Hydrate, stay out of the sun and use these 5 tips to keep your apartment cool and comfortable.


  1. Close the Blinds

During the hottest time of the day, draw your window coverings closed to block the sun. This will help limit the amount of sunlight that enters your apartment and ensure the heat does not get trapped.

No matter what direction your rental faces, be sure to close the blinds when there is direct sunlight in your apartment. And also, during the warmest time of the day.

Myth-buster: The day’s peak heat is typically between 3pm to 4pm. Not noon! This is because the sun’s heat has been building up since midday, causing more heat to be present on the Earth’s surface than is leaving.


  1. Open the Windows

While it may not have the most immediate impact, keeping the windows open allows for fresh air to flow through your apartment. This helps you make the most of those rare and oh so sweet summer breezes!

If your apartment features windows on opposite sides of the space, make sure both are open to encourage hot air to flow through.


  1. Use Portable Fans

Fans help move stagnant air and can create a refreshing cross breeze throughout your apartment if placed strategically. To achieve this, place the fans on opposite sides of the room so the air intersects and hits you from multiple angles.

Bonus: Keep doors to the bedroom open to keep air flow high.

  1. Build Your Own AC

Most rental apartment buildings don’t come with central air conditioning. And to find a portable AC unit during the peak of summer can be an almost impossible feat. Don’t worry! This simple DIY will help keep you and your apartment chilled.

How to:

  • Place ice packs or ice cubes in a large bowl.
  • Put the bowl in front of the fan.
  • Enjoy the cool air!

What’s better? You can easily move this from room to room!


  1. Avoid Cooking

Using heat-producing kitchen appliances such as ovens and stovetops can raise the temperature in your apartment. Stick to cold foods instead, like salads and sandwiches or wraps. Otherwise, opt for a Crock-Pot instead or try cooking later in the day when the temperature has cooled outside.

We also recommend keeping your lights turned off as much as possible and switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs to reduce any unwanted additional heat in your home.

These tips will help keep your apartment cool in the heat of summer. Beyond this, you should also take measures to regulate your internal body temperature.

Try these:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  • Take a cold shower
  • Rest and take naps
  • Wear light clothing
  • Put an icepack or cold cloth on your forehead
  • Or, many Hollyburn apartments have outdoor pools!

Combined, you and your apartment will be prepared for even the hottest days of summer!

If you try any of these tips in your apartment, we’d love to see! Use #MyHollyburn and tag us on Instagram @hollyburnproperties.

Stay cool!

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