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How to Get the Best Deal on Craigslist

Negotiating is a learned skill. To some, it comes naturally. To others, it feels awkward and uncomfortable. In many cultures around the world, negotiating is expected in everyday transactions. But in most North American stores, the concept of negotiating is largely unacceptable and even potentially offensive. However, Craigslist is the exception to this rule.

Craigslist, a community-run buy-and-sell platform, is a wonderful starting place for all things apartment-related. From the start of your apartment hunt to furnishing your new home once the lease is signed – Craigslist is like a trusted best friend. It’s easy, inexpensive…and it allows you to flex your negotiating muscles! When a seller posts on Craigslist, they generally want to get rid of the item…fast. This means their motivation may be fueled more by the convenience of an immediate pick up versus money, allowing for the flexibility and freedom to negotiate.

If you’re a negotiating nube, Kyla’s tips to become an expert Craigslist negotiator will help get you started – and on your way to scoring some major savings!

  1. People Actually Like Negotiating

When done right, the attempt to negotiate, successful or unsuccessful, can prompt an authentic interaction between the buyer and the seller. In a time when “socializing” often takes place from behind a screen, this interaction is more important than ever. Alexa and Google Home are convenient no doubt, but they’re also devices that consequently eliminate essential human contact. Shopping on Craigslist or other buy-and-sell channels, like Facebook Marketplace, puts people in the driver seat again. Remember, the buyer holds valuable insights about what they’re selling, so ask questions, swap stories, and get to know them! Trust us, taking the time to build a relationship will work in your favour when negotiating later, too. ????

Rental Apartments Toronto

Kyla got this adorable giraffe set off Craigslist for a killer deal- and they totally make to her rental apartment come together!

  1. Start Lower Than You’re Willing to Spend

Welcome to Negotiating 101! We all know the buyer starts high and the seller starts low. Recognizing this trick, it’s likely you’ll meet somewhere in the middle, reaching a happy compromise you are both comfortable with. In Kyla’s example, she explains, “If something’s listed for $100, and your budget is $60, try starting at $45.”

Because honestly, what’s the worst that could happen? Be careful though, it’s important not the undervalue and offend the seller. We recommend doing some research about what the same or a similar product would retail for new to determine an appropriate price.

Chairs can be expensive, but you can find some in great shape on Craigslist!

  1. Always Be Fair

Negotiating on Craigslist is an intricate and delicate process. It’s a platform where both the buyer and the seller want to win – and for many, it’s unchartered territory. There’s a fine line between scoring a great deal and unfriendly highway robbery. Craigslist is about community, so be respectful and realistic with your negotiations for best results.

Who’s ready to score some details? If you purchase furniture at a bargain price for your rental apartment using these tips, we’d love to see! Show off your tricks and tag us using #MyHollyburn on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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