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Could You Be the Face of Hollyburn? #MyHollyburn

On April 1st we launched our 2019 campaign called #MyHollyburn. In this contest, we ask you to share how you’ve made your apartment home through creative décor, unique DIY, or imaginative storage hacks for the chance to win up to 3 months FREE RENT!¹ – and no, this was not an April Fool’s joke!

Not sure what we’re looking for? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Here are 5 tips for success in #MyHollyburn:

1. Photo Quality Matters

If your photos are dark, blurry, crooked or zoomed in, it makes it hard for us to really see the space and the wonderful things you’ve done with it! Remember: Hollyburn will select the top 5 candidates, but then it will be up to the public to determine the Grand Prize Winner of 3 months FREE RENT, so make sure the photos you’re submitting are big, bright, and beautiful!

2. Creativity Counts

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you have to live out of boxes, always ready for your next move. This contest is all about showing off your apartment and how you’ve made it feel like home. So, share your renter-friendly DIY skills, unique storage ideas, and inspiring décor! When you’re submitting, make sure to highlight your creativity, too!

3. More Photos, please!

Although it will count as a submission even if you enter just one photo, your chances will likely increase if you show us more. Step into your photographer shoes and think perspective – showcasing different angles, rooms, nooks, and favourite pieces will help make your entry stronger.

4. Share Your Story

The purpose of this contest is to celebrate renting and the lifestyle it inspires. While it’s not required, it will increase your chances if you share a bit about you in your entry as well – whether it’s why you love renting with Hollyburn, the location, the building, your neighbours, or the community. Hint: If you’re selected as one of the lucky five to win professional photography and videography of you in your apartment, you’ll need to be prepared to speak about these topics, too.


You’ll receive 1 extra bonus point if you follow us on Instagram @hollyburnproperties and tag #MyHollyburn on your photos. Don’t have Instagram? Facebook works too! Give us a like here: @HollyburnPpty. Following us will give you exclusive news, updates, and all things happening at Hollyburn, plus a peak into the people behind the brand!


Learn more about the contest details here. #MyHollyburn – Good luck! ????

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