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North Shore News: “Other Voices: Transportation Key to Housing Affordability”

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. – The CEO of Landlord BC explains (in his Oct. 23 letter to the editor) very clearly why the City of North Vancouver is no exception: it’s a municipality with little room to grow but up, where the vacancy rate is 0.2 per cent in and around Central Lonsdale, and where more than 90 per cent of the existing rental stock is at least 35 years old. What’s a municipality to do?

Enter applications such as that of Hollyburn Properties, whose proposal before the city barely passed (4-3) on Oct. 17. Yet, here is a project that adds 144 rental units where there are none, on a site where no residents are evicted, and as Mr. Hutniak mentions, the project increases the number of three bedroom units by 50 per cent.

Read the full article by Don Peters, housing advocate and chairman of the North Shore’s Community Housing Action Committee, in the North Shore News here.


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