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Top 3 Storage Hacks in an Apartment

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Trying to compartmentalize your life into a 500 square foot rental apartment can be a challenge. Enter creative storage hacks! Natasha has mastered apartment living with a few smart tips that help maximize her space, making her apartment truly feel like home, clean and organized.

Show Off Your Stuff

Why hide it when you can show it off? Natasha keeps her everyday items on display so she can easily grab-and-go. By doing this, they become a part of her apartment décor, too. Instead of packing her bags, hats and purses in boxes and storing them out of sight (taking up precious closet space) Natasha has transformed her coat rack into a stylish bag holder, perfect for function and design.

Easy storage tip is hanging bags and hats on coat hangers to free up closet space

Storage Bins for the Win

In opting to forgo a dresser, Natasha has created an open and airy feel throughout her apartment. She chooses to keep her clothing in beautifully patterned storage bins instead. She also uses decorative storage bins to keep odds-and-ends organized, like loose cords and extra phone chargers. This way, she can double up on plants, too, decorating the shelves with lots of leafy greenery. ????

Natasha shows off her storage bins in her rental apartment

Make Use of Your Surfaces

Rather than choosing traditional side tables, Natasha makes sure she selects pieces with extra storage compartments so she can keep her space feeling neat and clean. Plus, it provides yet another place for her to house her many plants!

Natasha share her storage tips for living in a rental apartment

Check out this video for more apartment storage tips from Natasha!

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