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Why Rent From a Property Management Company?

Whether you are a seasoned renter, downsizing or leaving the family home in search of your first apartment, a reputable and reliable property management company is an indispensable asset in your pursuit.

With 40 years of experience, Hollyburn Properties’ entire business revolves around supporting our rental communities, facilitating the moving experience and ensuring our residents are happy in their homes. From our live-in resident managers, maintenance staff, landscaping crew and administrative support, the whole company is committed to providing a positive and stress-free living environment for our residents.

This is where you might find the biggest discrepancy between renting from a property management company versus an independent landlord.

The day to day operations of running a property are vast—a burden that many landlords are unable to undertake or maintain both physically and financially. You may discover that many landlords are disorganized, poor communicators, have unreliable response times, are unprepared to fix problems or invest in their properties, and are difficult to reach or possibly even live out of the country!

Property management companies such as Hollyburn have on-site building managers who juggle many roles, representing the point of contact for all matters related to your tenancy. This includes your suite, repairs, building maintenance, rent payments, parking, storage, laundry, neighbour disputes, referrals, insurance, lease agreements, etc. Property Management companies also provide security of tenure relative to private landlords, whereby purpose-built rentals typically provide longer-term housing options than basement suites or investment properties.

In addition, Bridgewater renters can rely on Hollyburn, their property management company, to go out of their way to provide exceptional service. Hollyburn subscribes to the P.R.I.D.E. hotel service standard. Passion, respect, integrity, dedication and experience form the basis for all training and education. Thorough certification on a wide range of subjects including first aid, customer service, plumbing, asset renovation, health and safety procedures and general repairs positions Hollyburn staff to provide a first class living experience.

Hollyburn’s on-site managers strive to be:

1) Responsive to requests

2) Adaptable to situations

3) Committed to excellence

4) Accountable to residents

The human touch is equally as vital a component in a successful resident-landlord relationship. Renting from a property management company ensures an entire team of professionals exist to support, mitigate and follow through on any issues or requests as soon as they arise, all while listening to the resident and providing that old-fashioned personalized touch.

In sum, renting from a property manager is all about trust, performance and integrity. Consider researching companies in advance with your local Better Business Bureau. Hollyburn’s 12-year long A+ rating says it all!

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