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Giving Hope for the Holidays

Hollyburn has partnered with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to provide children with a sense of hope this holiday season. With Hollyburn’s donation, BC Children’s Hospital is now home to Canada’s first 3D endoscopic system for high-precision head and neck surgeries, including for ear, nose and throat structures.

The 3D endoscopic system provides doctors with never-before-seen views during complex procedures, resulting in heightened accuracy. This technology is now part of a suite of leading-edge innovation that positions BC Children’s as a sought-after training facility. But above all else, it improves the safety and reduces risk and recovery for the young patients who need it – so they can quickly get back to being kids!

Charlee, BC Children’s Hospital patient with her surgeon Dr. Neil Chadha

Already this 3D endoscopic system has resulted in successful surgeries. For seven-year-old Charlee, it could be life-changing. Charlee, who suffers from a rare respiratory condition, is required to get growths surgically removed from her airways – landing her in the hospital almost monthly in order to maintain regular breathing and speech patterns. After over 40 surgeries at BC Children’s Hospital in her short lifetime, this new technology will allow Charlee and her family to finally experience some reprieve from hospital visits.

Kathleen and Charlee

“Living with this condition has been hard for our family. Although Charlee temporarily gets her breathing and voice back after each surgery, it’s only a matter of time before she get hoarse again and her breathing becomes laboured and more difficult—which signals to us that it’s time once again to make the trip from our home in Nanaimo to Vancouver for her next operation,” says Kathleen Andrews, Charlee’s mom. “This new technology gives us hope that it will help lengthen the amount of time between procedures so that she won’t have to go through so many.”

Hollyburn believes in contributing to thriving communities. As a family company, we are thrilled to be able to contribute to BC Children’s Hospital to help build vibrant, healthy communities where everyone, especially children, can flourish.

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