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Are You Ready for The Big One?

Vancouver sits in a “high hazard” zone according to the seismic hazard map – which means the probability of strong shaking and significant damage in the event of an earthquake is 30% higher than in the regions of “low hazard.” Did you know? Over the course of a year, over 3000 will occur in BC alone, making the big one a very real inevitability.

On October 17th, we Droped, Covered, and Held On to get prepared!

Hollyburn participated in ShakeOutBC to ensure our staff and residents are educated and prepared in the event of an earthquake. We encourage you to take some time to make sure you are properly informed and understand how to protect yourself in an earthquake, too.

Get Prepared:

1. Know the risks:

Visit the PreparedBC and Natural Resources Canada websites to understand the earthquake risk in British Columbia.

2. Have a plan:

Draft a family emergency plan outlining how you’ll respond during an earthquake, especially if you’re separated. Make sure to consider pets and people who need extra help.

3. Build an emergency kit:

Stock enough food, water and emergency supplies to sustain you for a minimum of three days. Longer is better.

4. Create grab-and-go bags:

Earthquakes aren’t guaranteed to happen when you’re at home. Have emergency kits for your vehicle and workplace.

5. Seismically secure your home and workplace:

Identify items that may topple in your home, workplace or school. Secure heavy furniture to wall studs.

6. Consider earthquake insurance:

Contact your provider and find out what’s available or recommended.

This time it’s a drill, next time it could be for real.

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