We are doing our part to get through this and maintain safe places for you to call home. Our response to COVID-19 puts our people’s well-being at the forefront and is anchored in keeping our residents, employees, and communities’ healthy.


What immediate steps has Hollyburn taken to help protect their building communities?

New Cleaning Protocol

In this unprecedented situation, rapid response and flexibility are essential. While we are always committed to providing clean communities, our Health and Safety Specialist quickly adapted our cleaning protocols nation-wide.

The new Cleaning Protocol increases frequency and focuses on high-traffic touch points, such as: doorknobs, railings, and intercom/elevator buttons. For this, we are using Health Canada approved hard-surface virucidal disinfectants that were previously approved for SARS and MERS to control the risk of harmful bacteria and viruses on common surfaces.

In some of our larger communities, we’ve enlisted the support of trusted cleaning companies to help manage the workload and ensure our properties are well looked after and, most importantly, safe.

Building Health & Safety

Providing clean and safe places where you can live comfortably and free from worry is our purpose. Due to the current situation, we’ve had to make some difficult decisions in order to securely uphold this.

Below you will find a list of precautionary measures that have been implemented within our building communities:

  • Contractor Protocol – Our new Contractor Protocol requires proper hand-hygiene on-site and instructs external workers to stay home if they’re sick or displaying symptoms of cold or flu.
  • Building Maintenance – We remain committed to upholding our building communities to the highest standards throughout this time. However, we are assessing maintenance requests carefully and may postpone non-emergency requests in order to abide by social distancing requirements and limit the number of trades within our communities.
  • Limited Use of Amenities – If the amenities in your rental community are open for use, please use care and caution and practice social distancing.
  • Laundry Room Protocol – While laundry facilities remain open, we have implemented strict protocols to maintain social distancing and keep these shared spaces clean.
  • Masks in ALL Common Areas – We ask that you please wear a mask in all common areas and elevators.
Resident Support

We are here for you.

In order to maintain physical distancing, we support online interactions through:

  • Online Payment Options Please see Resident Resources for details.
  • Online Maintenance Requests Email and phone calls are now accepted methods to submit maintenance requests. Please understand we are assessing these carefully and may postpone non-emergency requests.
  • Online Communication We encourage email or phone conversations with current and future residents as much as possible.

We’ve appointed a dedicated National Response Committee to streamline and manage inquiries for our residents. Any COVID-19 questions, suggestions, or positive stories can be sent to [email protected] and a Hollyburn representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

Employee Health & Safety

We couldn’t do this without our committed frontline staff and devoted teams. In order to help preserve our employee’s health and safety, the following provisions have been put in place:

  • Remote Working – Our regional office staff have moved to remote working conditions where possible. Where not possible, the number of employees permitted within the office at a single time has been reduced to allow social distancing.
  • Personal Protective EquipmentFor our valued frontline teams, we have provided Personal Protective Equipment including masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer to ensure they are protected while maintaining clean and safe environments.
  • On-site Offices are Closed – Our teams are available to assist you via phone, email, or text message, but all on-site offices are closed until further notice.

Check out some of our #HollyburnHeroes on the blog and learn more about the people who are working hard to keep you safe, everyday!

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The health and safety of our residents and employees is our top priority – now and always. Our Cleaning Protocol focuses on all high-traffic touch points using Health Canada approved disinfectants. We are devoted to getting through this safely, together.


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