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Rent With Confidence! Certified Rental Building Program Launches in B.C,

Posted by on Friday, November 27, 2015

From left to right: Allan Wasel, Hollyburn General Manager; Paul Sander, Hollyburn Director; MLA Jane Thornthwaite, North Vancouver-Seymour; Councillor Holly Back, City of North Vancouver, representing Mayor Mussatto; Karen Rahal, Property Manager, Concert; David Hutniak, CEO, LandlordBC, Shona Athey, Member Services Representative, LandlordBC.

What is the Certified Rental Building (CRB) Program?

The Certified Rental Building (CRB) program is a quality assurance and accreditation program that assists renters to identify well-managed buildings with responsible landlords.

For a property to be designated as CRB certified, it must meet 50 mandatory standards of practice and be reviewed by a third party auditor, J.D. Power and Associates. These rigorous requirements address standards relating to resident management, human rights compliance, building operations, financial management and insurance, energy conservation and sustainability.

Why is Hollyburn taking part in the Certified Rental Building Program?

It is Hollyburn Properties’ mission to operate as an innovator and industry leader in property management and rental housing.

“With 38 rental communities and 2,500 units certified in Vancouver to date, Hollyburn Properties is proud to represent the largest number of certified rental properties in British Columbia. We are excited to spearhead the CRB program with LandlordBC as it allows us to continue to set the bar for best practices in the rental housing industry.” – Allan Wasel, Hollyburn Properties General Manager.

In addition, Hollyburn has 19 CRB buildings in Toronto representing over 1,100 certified rental suites.

The main goal of the CRB program is to build consumer confidence and elevate operational standards in the rental housing industry. It gives renters peace of mind knowing that a CRB building represents quality, service and professionalism. CRB establishes a set of uniform standards and quality benchmarks for landlords and renters across the industry.

What’s involved with putting properties through the CRB program?

CRB certification involves training, education, and operations and management. The process takes an estimated 10 to 14 weeks to complete.

Hollyburn Properties has involved its entire team in the CRB training and certification process. There are three training modules – Accessibility, CRB Standards of Practice and Harassment and Bullying. All buildings and administrative processes must meet the legislative requirements in that province, in addition to the 50 CRB Standards of Practice. These involve every facet of property management, including but not limited to: maintenance requests, safety and emergency preparedness procedures, insurance requirements, annual fire and elevator inspections, regular cleaning schedules, etc. Most importantly, there are administrative policies in place to ensure all processes are properly enforced, documented and followed up on.

CRB Program Endorsements:

Minister Responsible for Housing, Rich Coleman

"The Province of British Columbia recognizes the importance of having a good supply of safe, reliable rental housing as well as the need for certainty for both renters and landlords alike,” said Rich Coleman, B.C. Minister of Natural Gas and Minister Responsible for Housing. “The Certified Rental Building program is a great initiative that will help achieve these goals for all British Columbians." Read the news release here.

Jayne Mayfield, Acting Executive Director, Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre (TRAC)

“We are pleased that the Certified Rental Building Program will promote professionally run buildilngs,” said Jane Mayfield, Acting Executive Director of TRAC. “Tenants can rent with more confidence when they know that their building meets a set of rigorous standards and criteria.”

David Hutniak, CEO, LandlordBC

"The main goal of the CRB program is to build consumer confidence and elevate rental building standards to make rental housing in the province better for everyone," said David Hutniak, President and CEO of LandlordBC. "The CRB program will mean peace of mind for renters knowing that when they rent in a CRB building they will receive both a quality product and service."

In the news:

Renting with Hollyburn Properties means renting with confidence! For more information on CRB or current apartment availabilities, please contact or call 604.662.7345. 

Meet the Finalists! Hollyburn Free Rent Contest

Posted by on Monday, November 09, 2015

We've had a tough go. Narrowing down hundreds of amazing, awe-inspiring Hollyburn Free Rent Contest entries to 3 Top Finalists. Our team was overwhelmed reading about the community activism, volunteering and goodwill that takes place across Canada. Your stories reinforce that all positive community action makes a difference, no matter how big or small. This was a very difficult decision, but we hope you’ll agree that the following three community champions each deserve to win Hollyburn Free Rent for a Year!

Ariel Swan

“Over 3 years ago, Ariel Swan decided she wanted to do something different to celebrate her birthday. Instead of asking her friends to spend money on gifts for her and dinner and drinks for themselves, she invited 15 friends and family (myself included) to get together and make sandwiches for the people of Vancouver’s DTES.” And so, Feed The People was born. Read more here…

Lucas Riedl

“Have you ever met someone who exudes benevolence and tolerance? Someone who literally loses sleep over the suffering of others? I am extremely fortunate to have one of these people in my life, and I am constantly awestruck by his generosity and selflessness.” Read more here…

Jan Rothenburger

“Jan’s life is devoted to serving those in need. Mostly women and youth who are street and prison involved, many struggling with addictions. People society would rather not think about. She works long, hard hours serving, helping and trying to save them from the degrading and humiliating situations in which life has them trapped.” Read more here…

Now it’s up to you to vote!

Read Ariel, Lucas and Jan’s stories and vote on your choice of recipient of Hollyburn Free Rent for a year. Trust us, it’s not going to be easy.

Contest website:

Public voting open: November 10 – November 30, 2015

Winner announced: Week of December 7th, 2015

Share your favourite finalist on your social networks and help them receive the prize of a lifetime! Why is Hollyburn giving away Free Rent for a Year? Find out here.

Keeping Vancouver Spectacular

Posted by on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vancouver is indeed a spectacular city! It’s one of the most liveable cities in the world, in fact, and Hollyburn Properties would like to do our best to keep it that way.

Our team took to the streets last week as part of the City of Vancouver’s neighbourhood block clean up initiative. We worked in our own community removing litter from public spaces. Why? Because we have 54 rental communities in Vancouver, and 25 in the West End in particular. That translates to over 3000 residents that live and play directly in this vibrant and beautiful neighbourhood. Enhancing, animating, and keeping it spectacular for all to enjoy is our M.O.

17 Hollyburn Vancouver employees volunteered for the two hour clean-up. We started at Nicola Place, divided into three groups, and conquered a 77 block radius from Denman Street, to Harwood Street, to Thurlow Street, to Barclay Street. In total, we collected 17 bags of trash off of the streets. Our haul ranged from the peculiar, including a few lone shoes, ripped pants and a spare tire, to the mundane, including a myriad of cigarette butts and coffee cups.

When we finished and debriefed, it was determined that the most rewarding part of our collective experience was hearing neighbours and passersby encouraging our team. A simple “thank you!” and “great work!” for our efforts to keep the West End spectacular was enough motivation to keep ploughing on.

And then there was pizza. Glorious, glorious pizza.

Real Life Solutions for Youth Homelessness

Posted by on Monday, October 19, 2015

Each year in October, the City of Vancouver joins communities and organizations throughout the region to mark Homelessness Action Week. In honour of this important event, we’d like to share one of Hollyburn’s longest-standing and proudest community initiatives.

Twelve years ago, Hollyburn Properties and Covenant House, a non-profit providing shelter, food and crisis care to homeless youth, began a partnership. What started with a monthly clothing drive, has since expanded into a unique transitional housing program for homeless youth. Hollyburn currently donates five fully furnished and fully subsidized apartments to Covenant House youth in Vancouver (3) and Toronto (2).

“Hollyburn was the pioneer in progressively supporting those who need housing most by giving them just that – actual housing!” – said Marty, CH Associate Manager.

We are extremely proud to set an example in the property management industry of a successful private-public housing partnership. Follow along on "a day in the life" in our Hollyburn Properties - Covenant House Youth Housing Program video:

This program is one of the ways we build our community. Do you give back in your own way? Tell us how and enter our contest to win FREE RENT FOR A YEAR until October 31st, 2015.

Check out other City of Vancouver events and initiatives committed to raising awareness and ending street homelessness, on until the end of the month.

Hollyburn Donates $1 Million for new MRI to Lions Gate Hospital

Posted by on Friday, October 16, 2015

From left to right: Mark Hannah, Director, LGH Foundation; Stephen Sander, Founder, Hollyburn Properties; Judy Savage, President, LGH Foundation; Kevin Rowan, Director of Diagnostic Imaging, LGH; Mayor Darrell Mussatto, City of North Vancouver

This week, Hollyburn Properties presented the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation with a donation of $1 million for a state-of-the-art MRI machine.

Hollyburn Properties is a family company with deep roots on the North Shore. Founded in West Vancouver in 1975, Hollyburn has provided premier rental housing to thousands of individuals and families in the community, and is currently developing
Bridgewater, the first new rental high-rise in the City of North Vancouver in over 35 years.

“This is an extremely generous gift that will have a significant impact on patient care,” said Judy Savage, President, Lions Gate Hospital Foundation. “It will allow considerable quality improvements and greater patient comfort, bringing first-class diagnostic imaging capability to the North Shore.”

Key highlights of the new GE Signa Explorer MRI machine:

  • Most advanced imager of its kind in B.C.
  • Highest level of image quality and resolution available today
  • 98% quieter, from 108 decibels to 3 decibels
  • Much faster processing time, allowing more patient scans per day

We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to give back to the North Shore community that has supported us for the past 40 years. Read about Hollyburn’s long-standing commitment to community here.

In the news:

Halloween Community Art Contest

Posted by on Thursday, October 01, 2015

Back to school and down to draw or colour? We’ve got the contest for you!

Since winter of last year, we have been sponsoring seasonal Community Art Contests held at the North Vancouver City Library as a fun and unique way for the community to engage with Bridgewater, the first new rental high-rise in the City of North Vancouver in over 35 years.

Along with an amazing prize pack, contest winners will have their artwork publicly featured on Bridgewater signage during project development. The Bridgewater site, right next to City Hall on 14th and Chesterfield, receives a huge amount of foot traffic daily, and feedback from the community so far has been amazing!

Our theme this month is… you guessed it – Halloween! The contest runs from October 1st – October 31st, 2015.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the last Community Art Contest – Home Sweet Home. Check out the winning artwork! 

Cynthia, age 5. (3-7 year old category)

Saketh, age 11. (8-12 year old category)

Elnaz, 15 years. (13-18 year old category)

Hey Canada, We're Giving Away Free Rent for a Year!

Posted by on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What would you do with free rent for a year? Hollyburn Properties is seeking to reward one lucky person with free rent for a whole year in a premier one-bedroom Hollyburn apartment in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Ottawa!

Celebrating 40 years of building rental communities across Canada, our family-run company actively supports a mission of community service and outreach. The Hollyburn Free Rent Contest is launching TODAY to celebrate those individuals in Canada who are likewise dedicated to social impact through community involvement.  

Participants must describe how they, or someone they know, contribute to building their community. Do you volunteer? Are you involved with a non-profit? Have you founded an innovative social initiative? The criteria are simple; the impact must be authentic, compelling and inspirational in nature. It can look like a lot of different things to different people. We want to reward one deserving person with free rent for a year who is committed to building up their community through personal connection and leadership.

#HollyburnFreeRent Contest – Important Dates:

  • Submissions open: September 15th – October 31st, 2015
  • Public voting for Top 3 Finalists: Week of November 9th – November 30th, 2015
  • Winner announced: Early December, 2105

For details and guidelines, watch our YouTube contest video, and visit the Hollyburn Free Rent Contest website: Good luck!

Hollyburn Compost Program Update

Posted by on Friday, September 11, 2015

The City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan is a strategy for staying on the leading edge of urban sustainability, and includes a much anticipated Organics Disposal Ban, which took effect on January 1st, 2015. The ban prohibits organic materials from entering the region’s landfills.

Hollyburn has a long history of commitment to sustainable green living. Every apartment building we acquire undergoes a thorough environmental evaluation, with substantial capital expenditures to replace outdated boilers, systems, and appliances with state-of-the-art, high-efficiency and low-consumption models.

A highlight of our environmental commitment was the launch of an in-house composting program in partnership with Growing City, which took effect starting in February 2015. We have now added green bins for organics disposal in all garbage areas of our rental communities in Vancouver and Toronto (with Calgary and Ottawa coming soon!)

Check out the incredible environmental impact that Hollyburn residents have made to date by diverting their green waste. (Data from Growing City available for Vancouver only, from March 1st – July 31st 2015). Stay tuned for future Hollyburn Compost Program updates

Congratulations - My Hollyburn Dream Vacation Contest Winners!

Posted by on Monday, August 24, 2015

In celebration of Hollyburn Properties’ 40th Anniversary of building apartment rental communities, we wanted to give our valued residents a chance to win a 7-day, all-inclusive, Dream Vacation to Cancun, Mexico. To enter, we asked our residents to submit a video testimonial describing what they love about living in a Hollyburn building.

To say the results blew us away is an understatement! Our team was overwhelmed with the amount of time, effort and creativity that went into every video submission. In fact, the production value of several videos was of professional quality – who knew!

As the heartfelt messages from tenants across the country, in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa, starting rolling in, we knew we would have a very difficult decision to make. Our whole team got together to watch the videos and categorize them according to the following criteria:

  1. Authentic element – does the clip capture the genuine testimonial of the resident?
  2. Development of concept – is there a clear structure and theme?  
  3. Compelling nature – is the clip inspiring? Does it catch the audience’s attention?
  4. Original and inventive – is the clip original in its content and format?

In the end, only one video (and entrant) could emerge victorious. And so…after much deliberation, we’d like to congratulate Yvonne and Sergio of Vancouver, for winning the #MyHollyburnDreamVacation contest!! We loved how they captured footage over several weeks throughout the summer and turned it into time-lapse vignettes that really brought their message to life. Yvonne and Sergio, we hope you enjoy your trip, returning to the country where you met 4 years ago. Sigh…how romantic!

We’d like to thank each and every person who entered our resident-appreciation contest. Didn’t win this time? Fear not, our 40th Year is not over yet! Stay tuned to our social media for an exciting announcement, coming soon!

Check out Yvonne and Sergio’s full video here.

Watch the best clips from all video submissions in this #Hollyburn40 Dream Vacation Contest montage:

Hollyburn's Guide to Tenant Insurance

Posted by on Friday, August 14, 2015

Do you really need tenant insurance?  The short answer is yes.  According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, about half of all renters don’t take out any kind of tenant insurance policy.  We’d like to explain to you why it’s so important for renters to be protected financially in the event of major unexpected damages or losses. Here are some of the reasons we ask that each resident provide proof of insurance before apartment leasing documentation is completed:

  1. As a tenant you are liable – yes, legally responsible – for any harm you may cause to your building and to others who live or visit there.
  2. An accident in your suite (such as a stove burner being left on and causing a fire) could result in damages to the hallway or the apartment next door, and you would be liable for the related repairs to the whole building.
  3. In addition to protecting your belongings in your apartment, comprehensive tenant insurance will often also cover separate storage lockers, bike room facilities, as well as hotel costs or living expenses should you need to vacate your suite.
  4. Doesn’t my landlord’s policy cover me? Unfortunately not. The landlord policy covers the rental property structure, but does not protect your possessions or cover potential relocation costs.
  5. Is it expensive? Hollyburn Properties has a partnership with Coast Capital Insurance in BC that provides our residents with a 20% discount off of normal rates. Premiums start at a mere ~ $15/month – you can’t beat that!

Most reputable insurance companies, such as Coast Capital Insurance, will help you select the best coverage by assisting with taking an inventory of your possessions and recommending additional add-on's (such as earthquake coverage) depending on where you live.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Insurance Information Institute websites both provide free inventory-taking software that can be downloaded on your computer.  It’s also a good idea to keep receipts and warranties for big ticket items such as TV’s, computers, or bikes.  Receipts serve as proof of ownership and value if you need to make a claim.

Overall, a modest monthly insurance fee could make all the difference in the world in the event of theft, fire, flood, severe weather events or any other unexpected calamity.  Renters insurance is one of the smartest investments you can make and it won’t break the bank. Call our partners at Coast Capital for a quote today and mention you are a Hollyburn resident to receive the 20% discount! 1.888.517.7171.

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